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Sex crimes are very serious charges that can carry significant terms in prison if a defendant is convicted of this type of charge.  Fortunately, the attorneys at Gordon & Gordon, PLLC  posses the skill and experience to help you through this situation if you’re facing this sort of allegation.

Do not hesitate to contact the firm if you’re involved in an investigation.  The firm has payment plans available to provide you with the flexibility you need to get the process of fighting for your freedom started, so contact Gordon & Gordon, PLLC.

Those who are elected to their positions have made it a point to bring about change in the laws that are designed to arrest and convict more people of sex crimes in Arizona.  Below are a few examples of these crimes:

  • Child molestation
  • Internet sex crimes
  • Statutory rape
  • Rape/Sexual assault
  • Indecent exposure
  • Prostitution
  • Sexual exploitation of a minor

This is not a complete list, but the examples represent the different types of charges and the different contexts in which they can arise.  Each of these charges can and generally will be charged as a felony, which means that if you’re convicted you could face significant time in prison.  Therefore, you need to act immediately to protect your Constitutional rights by contacting an attorney atGordon & Gordon, PLLC today.

Investigations of Sex Crimes

Given the seriousness of sex crime charges in Arizona, when an issue arises that involves this sort of alleged conduct, the police and investigators take these situations very seriously.  Unlike years past, there are now scientific and technological investigatory techniques available to law enforcement that were simply not in existence for decades.  These techniques include DNA testing, computer hard drive tracing and other advantages that can be used to pinpoint evidence that can be quite damning to a suspect.

In addition to the advances in technology and science in general, the police will gather witness and victim statements.  Statements from the victim can be particularly damaging to your overall position given the emotion that’s obviously involved with these situations.  Basically, the police will not leave any stone unturned when investigating a sex crime.

If you find yourself being questioned by a member or members of law enforcement in regards to an alleged sex crime, you need to remember two of your basic and Constitutionally-guaranteed rights:  the right to remain silent and to have an attorney represent you during the process of investigation, including any questioning.  Rather than attempt to talk your way out of a situation, avoid the risk of harming your own position and respectfully invoke these rights with the law enforcement officials talking to you and do not attempt to handle the problem by yourself, as this could only make matters worse.

Prosecutors, Evidence and Arizona Sentencing

When prosecutors are handed a sex crimes file by the police, they tend to move forward with a high degree of aggressiveness.  There are many reasons for this urgency – the public’s demand for tough enforcement, the general availability of strong evidence and the fact that if the case would go to trial, the victim’s testimony and description of the alleged crime can be so destructive to the defendant’s case that many prosecutors will operate from a position of leverage when advancing the prosecution of a sex crime charge.

In addition, one of the norms of prosecutors’ approach to these allegations is to be somewhat unwilling to negotiate a plea bargain if the facts of the case are particularly graphic.  In addition, the Arizona legislature has provided prosecutors and judges with mandatory sentencing laws that could include a minimum of five years for rape and a minimum of 13 years for sex offenses that involve children.  These sentences are also known as ‘flat,’ which means that if they are handed out by the judge, there will be little or no possibility for parole or early release if the defendant is convicted.

Defense Strategy

When such an allegation arises and understanding the general approach of prosecutors, you need to waste no time whatsoever when it comes to securing the help you need in the form of an Arizona sex crimes attorney.  The law firm of Gordon & Gordon has many years of experience in fighting these charges on behalf of clients, and you need to provide yourself with the protection you need as soon as this situation arises.

Gordon & Gordon will be able to review all of the evidence that’s been compiled against you and will work towards a solution of the case that’s in line with your best interests, and that includes fighting these charges all the way through a trial, if that’s what’s ultimately necessary.  These are not easy cases to defend, which is why you need skill and experience in terms of evidentiary issues and trial strategy on your side.

Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyers

Sex crime charges in Arizona are very serious matters.   Retaining the proper attorney will likely make an enormous difference in the ultimate result of this matter.  Do not allow monetary concerns to prevent you from aggressively defending your rights.  Gordon & Gordon, PLLC offers flexible payment plans designed to fit your needs.

Sex Crime Charges